Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smart phones

In the recent year there has been a word that has become a "everyday word": smart phone.

But what is a smart phone and what makes it so special and different from a normal mobile phone?
To keep it short and simple, this kind of cell phone is that it incorporates other technologies. In other word, it is the item in which other technological tools converge.
Let's try to take a look at the "anatomy" of this innovative device:

  • cell phone options: it is possible to call, send sms/mms
  • camera: it is possible to take pictures, make videos, share these files or watch movies
  • audio: it is possible to upload, download and play music, as well as recording
  • "organizer options": calendar, alarm clock, chronometer, watch, calculator, note pad
These are the basic features included almost in every cell phone of the recent years. Obviously, it is good to say that every model has its own settings (for example the device's storage memory or the number of pixels of the camera), but what makes a smart phone something innovative are the Internet connection and the application (apps).
It is possible to access the Web through different kinds of connections (3G, wi-fi, etc.) and to use the so-called apps as well. One app can be use in an online mode, a offline or both of them.
With the birth of these "programs" smart phones have become more and more a "converging technology" tool. The wide number and type of app (games, social networks, etc) have made it become the first-ever portable phone with the features of a standard computer (it is now possible to use the Internet, read online newspapers & magazines, write and send e-mails, use many programs such as microsoft office wordpress and many more everywhere with this last-generation phone).

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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